Anesthesia & ICU accessories

As we know, in addition to the need for sterile environment and more frequent medical care, anesthesia & ICU intensive care also need to monitor patients’ vital signs 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day to provide organ function support, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge and pressure for medical staff who are always racing against the clock.

Med-linket, specialized in Anesthesia & ICU accessories for 16 years. A series of products and services help medical staff to provide high standards of medical treatment and quality care, in order to minimize the mortality and complications of critically ill patients.

SpO2 is accurate by comparing blood gas clinical verification

Disposable SpO2 Sensors: high accuracy, the clinical accuracy of blood oxygen was evaluated in famous hospitals;

Disposable Temperature Probes: 100,000 grade clean workshop production, single patient sterile use, to avoid cross infection;

Disposable Non-invasive Blood Pressure Cuffs: Flexible TPU, through biocompatibility test, makes patients more comfortable to use;

Disposable ECG Electrodes: High quality hydrogel, durable adhesion to ensure more stable ecg signals;

Disposable ECG Lead Wires: Side press and easily connect the electrodes to relieve the patient’s discomfort.

Anesthesia depth sensor: Med-linket’s non-invasive EEG sensor is compatible with BIS, CSI, EIS, a variety of modules are optional;

ESU Pencil and Connecting Cable for Electrosurgery: High performance, anti – allergy, good electrical conductivity, optional different specifications;

Disposable Pressure Infusion Bags: With pressure indicator,500ml 1000m 3000ml, different specifications optional;

ETCO2 Sensor and Accessories: Srong compatibility, adapt for various brand modules.


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