Fixed Competitive Price Neonate Wrap Spo2 Sensor - SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable – Med-link

1. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable can be compatible with Masimo,Nihon Konden, Philips, Nellcor, Ohmeda patient monitors. Products are good-looking and durable.

2.The cable length normally are 8 ft.(i.e. 2.45m) or 2.4m, can be customized on demand.

3.Pass the biocompatibility evaluation: all the materials contacted with patients meet the relevant standards ISO1993-5, ISO10993-10.  

4. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable get CFDA, FDA, TUV IS0 13485 certifications.

compatible with most brands of monitors.

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
S0197MA-L Masimo,Compatible model depending on the Ext-cable, E.g:Rad-8 Rad-5/Rad-5v;SatShare Exi-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8p>Masimo 6J, suitable forMasimo LNOP probe 1pcs/bag
S0197CS-L Philips/HP; MP20/30/40/ PM50/60/70/90 VN4,VM6,VM8 (M Tech) Exi-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8p>DB9F,Compatible forNELLCOR sensor and MEDLINKS0010B-S 1pcs/bag
S0117OX-L Nellcor (Oxi-tech);Nellcor: N550,N560, N-595 GE: Dinamap PRO (w/Oxi) , Schiller; Ext-Cable,8ft,AMP14P>DB9F,Suitable for Nellcor probeand MED-LINK S0026B-S;Standard: DOC-10 1pcs/bag
S0025MA-L GE Medical (Masimo Module) ;Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Masimo option Solar 8000/8000M, i/9500 with Tram Module 451M/851M CardioLab®/Mac-Lab® with Tram Module 451M Corometrics® 259; Ext-Cable,8ft,Rectangle11P>Masimo 6J, Suitablefor Masimo LNOP probe;Standard: 2017002-003 1pcs/bag
S0190TS-L GE Medical CARESCAPE* modular monitors and S/5, AS/3 and CS/3 modular monitors with E-(P)RESTN or E-PSM(P) modules. CARESCAPE V100 with TruSignal* option, Responder, B20 and B30 monitors. Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.1 KG, Blue, TPU, Rectangle 11P>DB9F, Compatible for MED-LINK S0190B-S seriers; Original model No. : TS-G3 1pc/bag
S0128OH-L GE-Ohmeda S/5, i4 Modular Monitors with Eseries modules ,Corometrics® 259 with TruSignal Ohmeda Technology; Interconnect cable,8ft, 0.075 KG, Blue, TPU; Rectangle 11P>8J, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; Original model No. : OXY-ES3 1pc/bag
S0127OH-L Sensor solutions for GE Ohmeda TruSat™ pulse oximeter; Interconnect cable,8ft, DB9M>8J, 0.072 KG, Blue, TPU, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; Original model No. :0010-30-42738 1pc/bag
S0126OX-L Mindray (Masimo module): MINDRAY T5,T8; Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 Cable,8ft, 0.101 KG, Light Grey, PVC, Round 8p>DB9F, Suitable for Masimo CS probe and MED-LINK S0026B-S; Original model No. :0010-20-42712 1pc/bag
S0122OX-L GE Medical (Oxi-Tech Module): Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Nellcor OxiMax option Solar 8000/8000M, i9500 with Tram module 451N5/851N5; Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.095 KG, Blue, TPU, Rectangle 11P>>DB9F, Suitable for DS-100A S0132B-S, and S0010B-S(Need S0026NE-A); Original model No. :2021406-001 1pc/bag
S0072BC-S Siemens medical SC 6002XL, SC7000, SC8000, SC9000XL; Ext-Cable,4ft, round 7P>DB9F, 0.05 KG; Blue; TPU;fit for NELLCOR DS-100A orMED-LINK S0010 Series; Original model No. :3368433 1pc/bag
S0052BC-L Datascope:Accusat Datascope:Accutorr 3/4 SAT Datascope:Accutorr Plus (Datascope Sp02) Datascope:Passport (Database Sp02); Ext-Cable,8ft, DIN8P>DB9F, 0.08 KG; Blue; TPUSuitable for Datascope probe ; MOQ: 30PCS 1pc/bag
S0036OH-L Datex-Ohmeda:AS/3, CS/3, CH/S, CH/2S, CH-RS, CG/2S, Cardiocap I, Cardiocap II, Cardiocap 5, Capnomac Ultima, Light Monitor, M-Estpr, Oscar II, OSP-200, Satlite Trans, Satlite Trans Plus , ULTSVI . ULTSVO, ULTSIO, ULTS00; Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.08 KG; Blue; TPU; Round 10J>8J, Suitable for DATEX probe; 1pc/bag
S0028NE-L Schiller Argus TM-7; Ext-Cable,8ft, Din7P>DB9F, fit for Nellcor probe; MOQ 60PCS 1pc/bag
S0023OX-L S&W Artema Patient monitor; Ext-Cable,8ft, Round 10J>DB9F, 0.105 KG; Blue; TPU; fit for Nellcor and S0010 Series SpO2 sensors; MOQ 40PCS 1pc/bag
S0020CS-L Masimo all MDE:EscortII OPT30:Prism ,GE Marquette:,Pro1000,V300 , INVIVO:T8 , Schiller: , ZOLL: , Datascope: Trio,Passport2, Spectrum, (Must be Masimo Module); Ext-Cable,8ft, Amp14P>DB9F, 0.095 KG; Light Grey; TPU; Suitable for Masimo CS Sensor and MED-LINK S0153B-S; 1pc/bag
S0015PH-L Philips Medical:M2601A,M3000A,M350 0B,M4735A; Ext-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8P>hemicycle 8J, 0.0642 KG; Blue; TPU; fit for Philips probe 1pc/bag
S0015OX-L Philips Medical:M2601A,M3000A,M350 0B,M4735A; Ext-Cable,8ft, hemicycle 8p>DB9F, 0.085 KG; Blue; TPU; Compatible for NELLCOR sensor and MED-LINK S0010B-S 1pc/bag
S0014OH-L Suitable for Datex- Ohmeda:Ohmeda 3700, Ohmeda 3710, Ohmeda 3770, Ohmeda 3775, Biox 3740, Biox 3760, 3800 OxiCap, 4700 OxiCap, 5250RGM, Rascal II ; GE Medical Systems:Corometrics 511; Mennen:Horizon XL (Ohmeda SpO2); Ext-Cable,8ft, Hyc7P>8J, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; 0.07 KG; Blue; TPU 1pc/bag
S0010NE-L Nellcor; Datascope:Expert,Passport, GE Medical; IvyBio medical; M.D.E.; Nellcor:N100,N200,N180,N-20,NPB- 40,NPB-75 ,Nonin:8500,8604, Welch Allyn Protocol:Propaq 206-EL,Propaq 204-EL,Propaq 202-EL,Propaq 106EL; Ext-Cable,8ft, DB9M>DB9F, Suitable for Nellcor probe; 0.08 KG; Light Grey; TPU 1pc/bag
S0005NI-L Nihon Konden Bedside Monitor: BSM- 4101,4103,4111,4113 Life scope P,BSM-5105,5135 Life scope A,BSM-2351,2353 Life scope L,BSM-2301,2303 Life scope I Ext-Cable,8ft, Rectangle 14p>DB9F, Suitable for Nihon Konden probe and S0005 Series probe; 0.1094 KG; Light Grey; TPU 1pc/bag
S0004NE-L Spacelabs Medical: 1050,1600,1700,90369,90469,9 0496 Ultraview; Ext-Cable,8ft, Compatible Rectangle 10P>DB9F, fit for Nellcor probe 1pc/bag
S0003PH-L Philips Medical:M2475B, M1732A/B, M1722A/B, M1020A, 78833C, 78833A, 78834A, 78352C, 78352A; Ext-Cable,8ft, Round 12P>hemicycle 8J, fit for Philips probe; 0.08 KG; Blue 1pc/bag
S0003OX-L Philips Medical:78352C,78354C,78834C,M1020A,M1025B,M1205A,M1350B, M1722A/B,M1732A/B,M2475B,Viridia A1,Viridia A3, NSC Ext-Cable,8ft,Round 12p>DB9F,Compatible for NELLCOR sensor and MED-LINK S0010B-S 1pc/bag
S0002NE-L Dash 2000/3000/4000 with Nellcor option,Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Ohmeda option,Solar 8000/8000M,i/9500 with Tram Module, CardioLab®/Mac-Lab®with Tram Module451/451NCorometrics® 120/2120 series Eagle 1000/3000/4000Responder 3000 with Nellcor option 8ft; 0.102 KG; Light Grey; Material :TPU 1pc/bag
S0076BC-L (Biochem International): 3401,3304,3303,3302,3301,330 0; Ext-Cable,8ft,DB9M>DB9F,Suitable for BCI probe -

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