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It is a great way to further improve our products and repair. Our mission is always to create innovative products to prospects with a superior expertise for 9p Ear Clip Spo2 Sensor, Ear Clip Spo2 Sensor, Nellcor Oximax Db9 Spo2 Sensor, We now have a good reputation for stable quality products and solutions, well received by customers at home and abroad. Our company would be guided by the idea of “Standing in Domestic Markets, Walking into International Markets”. We sincerely hope that we could do business with car manufacturers, auto part buyers and the majority of colleagues both at home and abroad. We expect sincere cooperation and common development!

1. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable can be compatible with Masimo,Nihon Konden, Philips, Nellcor, Ohmeda patient monitors. Products are good-looking and durable.

2.The cable length normally are 8 ft.(i.e. 2.45m) or 2.4m, can be customized on demand.

3.Pass the biocompatibility evaluation: all the materials contacted with patients meet the relevant standards ISO1993-5, ISO10993-10.  

4. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable get CFDA, FDA, TUV IS0 13485 certifications.

compatible with most brands of monitors.

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
S0197MA-L Masimo,Compatible model depending on the Ext-cable, E.g:Rad-8 Rad-5/Rad-5v;SatShare Exi-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8p>Masimo 6J, suitable forMasimo LNOP probe 1pcs/bag
S0197CS-L Philips/HP; MP20/30/40/ PM50/60/70/90 VN4,VM6,VM8 (M Tech) Exi-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8p>DB9F,Compatible forNELLCOR sensor and MEDLINKS0010B-S 1pcs/bag
S0117OX-L Nellcor (Oxi-tech);Nellcor: N550,N560, N-595 GE: Dinamap PRO (w/Oxi) , Schiller; Ext-Cable,8ft,AMP14P>DB9F,Suitable for Nellcor probeand MED-LINK S0026B-S;Standard: DOC-10 1pcs/bag
S0025MA-L GE Medical (Masimo Module) ;Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Masimo option Solar 8000/8000M, i/9500 with Tram Module 451M/851M CardioLab®/Mac-Lab® with Tram Module 451M Corometrics® 259; Ext-Cable,8ft,Rectangle11P>Masimo 6J, Suitablefor Masimo LNOP probe;Standard: 2017002-003 1pcs/bag
S0190TS-L GE Medical CARESCAPE* modular monitors and S/5, AS/3 and CS/3 modular monitors with E-(P)RESTN or E-PSM(P) modules. CARESCAPE V100 with TruSignal* option, Responder, B20 and B30 monitors. Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.1 KG, Blue, TPU, Rectangle 11P>DB9F, Compatible for MED-LINK S0190B-S seriers; Original model No. : TS-G3 1pc/bag
S0128OH-L GE-Ohmeda S/5, i4 Modular Monitors with Eseries modules ,Corometrics® 259 with TruSignal Ohmeda Technology; Interconnect cable,8ft, 0.075 KG, Blue, TPU; Rectangle 11P>8J, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; Original model No. : OXY-ES3 1pc/bag
S0127OH-L Sensor solutions for GE Ohmeda TruSat™ pulse oximeter; Interconnect cable,8ft, DB9M>8J, 0.072 KG, Blue, TPU, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; Original model No. :0010-30-42738 1pc/bag
S0126OX-L Mindray (Masimo module): MINDRAY T5,T8; Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 Cable,8ft, 0.101 KG, Light Grey, PVC, Round 8p>DB9F, Suitable for Masimo CS probe and MED-LINK S0026B-S; Original model No. :0010-20-42712 1pc/bag
S0122OX-L GE Medical (Oxi-Tech Module): Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Nellcor OxiMax option Solar 8000/8000M, i9500 with Tram module 451N5/851N5; Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.095 KG, Blue, TPU, Rectangle 11P>>DB9F, Suitable for DS-100A S0132B-S, and S0010B-S(Need S0026NE-A); Original model No. :2021406-001 1pc/bag
S0072BC-S Siemens medical SC 6002XL, SC7000, SC8000, SC9000XL; Ext-Cable,4ft, round 7P>DB9F, 0.05 KG; Blue; TPU;fit for NELLCOR DS-100A orMED-LINK S0010 Series; Original model No. :3368433 1pc/bag
S0052BC-L Datascope:Accusat Datascope:Accutorr 3/4 SAT Datascope:Accutorr Plus (Datascope Sp02) Datascope:Passport (Database Sp02); Ext-Cable,8ft, DIN8P>DB9F, 0.08 KG; Blue; TPUSuitable for Datascope probe ; MOQ: 30PCS 1pc/bag
S0036OH-L Datex-Ohmeda:AS/3, CS/3, CH/S, CH/2S, CH-RS, CG/2S, Cardiocap I, Cardiocap II, Cardiocap 5, Capnomac Ultima, Light Monitor, M-Estpr, Oscar II, OSP-200, Satlite Trans, Satlite Trans Plus , ULTSVI . ULTSVO, ULTSIO, ULTS00; Ext-Cable,8ft, 0.08 KG; Blue; TPU; Round 10J>8J, Suitable for DATEX probe; 1pc/bag
S0028NE-L Schiller Argus TM-7; Ext-Cable,8ft, Din7P>DB9F, fit for Nellcor probe; MOQ 60PCS 1pc/bag
S0023OX-L S&W Artema Patient monitor; Ext-Cable,8ft, Round 10J>DB9F, 0.105 KG; Blue; TPU; fit for Nellcor and S0010 Series SpO2 sensors; MOQ 40PCS 1pc/bag
S0020CS-L Masimo all MDE:EscortII OPT30:Prism ,GE Marquette:,Pro1000,V300 , INVIVO:T8 , Schiller: , ZOLL: , Datascope: Trio,Passport2, Spectrum, (Must be Masimo Module); Ext-Cable,8ft, Amp14P>DB9F, 0.095 KG; Light Grey; TPU; Suitable for Masimo CS Sensor and MED-LINK S0153B-S; 1pc/bag
S0015PH-L Philips Medical:M2601A,M3000A,M350 0B,M4735A; Ext-Cable,8ft, hemicycle8P>hemicycle 8J, 0.0642 KG; Blue; TPU; fit for Philips probe 1pc/bag
S0015OX-L Philips Medical:M2601A,M3000A,M350 0B,M4735A; Ext-Cable,8ft, hemicycle 8p>DB9F, 0.085 KG; Blue; TPU; Compatible for NELLCOR sensor and MED-LINK S0010B-S 1pc/bag
S0014OH-L Suitable for Datex- Ohmeda:Ohmeda 3700, Ohmeda 3710, Ohmeda 3770, Ohmeda 3775, Biox 3740, Biox 3760, 3800 OxiCap, 4700 OxiCap, 5250RGM, Rascal II ; GE Medical Systems:Corometrics 511; Mennen:Horizon XL (Ohmeda SpO2); Ext-Cable,8ft, Hyc7P>8J, Suitable for Ohmeda probe; 0.07 KG; Blue; TPU 1pc/bag
S0010NE-L Nellcor; Datascope:Expert,Passport, GE Medical; IvyBio medical; M.D.E.; Nellcor:N100,N200,N180,N-20,NPB- 40,NPB-75 ,Nonin:8500,8604, Welch Allyn Protocol:Propaq 206-EL,Propaq 204-EL,Propaq 202-EL,Propaq 106EL; Ext-Cable,8ft, DB9M>DB9F, Suitable for Nellcor probe; 0.08 KG; Light Grey; TPU 1pc/bag
S0005NI-L Nihon Konden Bedside Monitor: BSM- 4101,4103,4111,4113 Life scope P,BSM-5105,5135 Life scope A,BSM-2351,2353 Life scope L,BSM-2301,2303 Life scope I Ext-Cable,8ft, Rectangle 14p>DB9F, Suitable for Nihon Konden probe and S0005 Series probe; 0.1094 KG; Light Grey; TPU 1pc/bag
S0004NE-L Spacelabs Medical: 1050,1600,1700,90369,90469,9 0496 Ultraview; Ext-Cable,8ft, Compatible Rectangle 10P>DB9F, fit for Nellcor probe 1pc/bag
S0003PH-L Philips Medical:M2475B, M1732A/B, M1722A/B, M1020A, 78833C, 78833A, 78834A, 78352C, 78352A; Ext-Cable,8ft, Round 12P>hemicycle 8J, fit for Philips probe; 0.08 KG; Blue 1pc/bag
S0003OX-L Philips Medical:78352C,78354C,78834C,M1020A,M1025B,M1205A,M1350B, M1722A/B,M1732A/B,M2475B,Viridia A1,Viridia A3, NSC Ext-Cable,8ft,Round 12p>DB9F,Compatible for NELLCOR sensor and MED-LINK S0010B-S 1pc/bag
S0002NE-L Dash 2000/3000/4000 with Nellcor option,Dash 3000/4000/5000 with Ohmeda option,Solar 8000/8000M,i/9500 with Tram Module, CardioLab®/Mac-Lab®with Tram Module451/451NCorometrics® 120/2120 series Eagle 1000/3000/4000Responder 3000 with Nellcor option 8ft; 0.102 KG; Light Grey; Material :TPU 1pc/bag
S0076BC-L (Biochem International): 3401,3304,3303,3302,3301,330 0; Ext-Cable,8ft,DB9M>DB9F,Suitable for BCI probe -

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