Lowest Price for Spo2 Sensor Cables - Micro Capnometer – Med-link

Product features

 Small in size, light in weight (only 50 grams);

 Low power consumption, up to 3 working hours;

 One-key operation;

 Constant temperature control system to prevent water vapor interference effectively;

 Large font display and waveform interface;

 Unique inhaled carbon dioxide function;

 Built-in lithium battery, waterproof  IP×6.

Application Field

 Montioring the patient’s respiratory status during CPR;

 Monitoring the patient’s respiration during transportation;

 Verificating of ET tube placement.

Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. has becoming the smallest End-tidal Co2 Monitor in the world,Achieving the measuring of EtCo2 and Respiratory Rate in all Respiratory Conditions. Its small size, light in weight and low energy consumption, makes it flexibility and convenience obviously. Suitable for CPR and emergency transportation.

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