Medical Isolation Eye Patches(MG001 / mg002)

Medical Isolation Eye Patches

【Performance & characteristics】

1.This product is made of high-molecular materials, lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable wearing.

2.Suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as hospitals, laboratories, outdoor, etc., can effectively block the impact of foreign objects and liquid splashes.

3.The lens is made of high-quality transparent PC material, which has good light transmission performance and high definition. The anti-fog coating of the lens can effectively prevent the lens from fogging.

4.Elastic headband design, easy to wear and adjust, suitable for a variety of user head types, can be used with glasses at the same time.

【Scope of application】

Used in medical institutions for protection during inspection and treatment,blocking body fluids, blood spatters or splashes.

【Usage scenarios】

Use scene of medical isolation eye mask


1.Open the package, put the medical isolation eye mask on the eye area, pull the webbing back to the brain, and put it on the appropriate position of the head.

2.After wearing, the eye mask should be clung to the face.

3.After use, discard it according to the classification of medical wastes.

4.For better sealing effect, press the 4 air breather valves down to the first step.There is no ventilation at this time.

【Product information】

Product Name: Medical Isolation Eye Patches

Product model:MG001/MG002(anti-fogging eye mask)

Medical Device Production Record Certificate No:Guangdong-Shenzhen Food and Drug Supervision EquipmentListing

Production Listing No.20150041

Medical Device Record Certificate No:Guangdong-Shenzhen Medical Device Listing No.20200088

Product Technical Requirement No.:Guangdong-Shenzhen Medical Device Listing No.20200088

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