Disposable Surgical Mask

Disposable Surgical Mask

【Scope of application】

For covering user’s mouth, nose, and jaw, to provide respiratory protection against droplets, pollen, and PM2.5 particles.


(1) Put the nose clip upward and dark side outward;

(2) Pull the pleats of the mask and down to cover mouth, nose and jaw;

(3) Press the metal strip above the nose, from the middle to both sides until they are close to the bridge of the nose;

(4) Adjust the mask properly so that the surrounding area of the mask fits the face fully.

Usage of disposable medical mask


1. This product is for one-time use only, do not reuse, destroy it after use

2. Please check the marks of the outer packing carefully before use. The outer packing is in good condition without leakage or damage

3. Replace the mask when respiratory resistance increases significantly, or when the mask is dirty or damaged

4. This product is suitable for adults


Product Name

Disposable Surgical Mask

Product NO DSM-M001E



Raw material

PP non-woven fabric and melt blown non-woven fabric

Product type

Ear-Loop Flat Type

Applicable population


Usage cycle


Term of Validity

2 years in unopened package

Storage conditions

It shall be stored in a well ventilated, dark, dry and corrosion-free environment.Keep away from fire source and pollution, and the room temperature and relative humidity are less than 80%.

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