Pulse and Oxygen Saturation Module

 Advantages and characteristics of Medlinket oxygen saturation module
1.Small size, flexible installation mode, high reliability and measurement accuracy;
2. Provide rapid and accurate measurement of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate;
3. Using improved digital signal processing technology, the influence of human body movement and weak perfusion measurement can be effectively restrained;
4. Through invasive clinical accuracy test (compared with blood gas analyzer), ensure the clinical monitoring accuracy;
5. Applicable to adults, pediatric and newborns;
6. Single power supply 3.3V operation, low power consumption design;
7. The columnar schematic diagram of plethysmographic wave and pulse intensity can be displayed;
8. Simple serial port connection, easy to integrate;
9. Weak perfusion (reference simulator PI0.075) can be accurately measured;
10. It can measure accurately under 13 motion modes defined by simulator.

Oximetry Module (1)

Function Declaration
1. Calculation result: The blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate are calculated;
2. Measurement unit: blood oxygen saturation%, pulse rate BPM;
3. Serial communication: RS232 port, TTL level, 9600 baud rate.

Performance Index
1. Measurement range: blood oxygen saturation 0-100%, pulse rate 30-250 beats/min;
2. Resolution: blood oxygen saturation: 1%, pulse rate 1 bpm;
3. Measurement accuracy: blood oxygen saturation is 2% (70-100%), with no definition below 70%; The pulse rate is 3 BPM (30-250 BPM); Weak perfusion > =0.1%.

Application Products / Accessories
Adult finger clip spo2 sensor, adult silicone spo2 sensor
Pediatric finger clip spo2 sensor, Pediatric silicone spo2 sensor
Infant finger clip spo2 sensor, Infant disposable spo2 sensor
Newborn wrapped belt spo2 sensor, newborn disposable spo2 sensor
Disposable spo2 sensor for adults/children

Environmental Description
1. Temperature: working at 0-45 degrees Celsius; Storage -20 to 55 degrees Celsius;
2. Humidity range: working 30-95%; Storage 10-95%;
3. Working altitude: -500-5000 meters;
4. Service life: motherboard for 10 years.

Oximetry Module (2)

Meet the following criteria
IEC 60601-1-2,EN ISO80601-2-61

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