The Vaginal Electrode PE0002

Product Instruction         

Shenzhen Med-link Electronics Tech Co., Ltd designed the vaginal electrode on the foundation of customers, demand and ergonomics, it is compatible with various instruments, host and achieves physiotherapy effect in repairing muscle elasticity.

Product Feature

◆ The electrode integrally designed has a smooth surface, which, to maximum degree, promotes the comfort;

◆ Flexible handle produced by soft material not only can make it easy to place and remove electrode, but also allows

   the handle to be easily bent against the skin, protecting privacy and avoiding embarrassment;

◆ The crown connector design makes connection more reliable and endurable.

Product parameters

Part No.




Sensor type

(female) sensor in vivo


42 g


0.68 m

Price Code



1peice / bag, 24 pieces/ box

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