Veterinary electrocardio temperature probes

Safe:Non-Invasive Esophagus Insertion Monitoring, Comfortable Medical TPU Material.

Accurate: Cavity ECG Detection, Not Affected By Animal Fur; Cavity Center Temperature Detection, Precise & Real Time.

Easy To Use:Body Cavity ECG & Temperature Sensor, ECG Tracing, Real-Time Continuous Detection of Temperature.

Can measure the electrocardio and temperature in real time.

Image Model Compatible Brand: Item description Package Type
V0015B - Veterinary ECG Electrode. Perfectly fit for 3.0mm Din plug or 0.156-in.(4mm) banana plug leadwires 10 pcs/bag
V0015A - Veterinary ECG Electrode,Fit for 4.0 Snap Lead wires. MOQ: 35bag 10 pcs/bag
EA020S5A MINDRAY MEC1000, MEC1200 Veterinary ECG Lead Wires,AHA, 5LD:A, SNAP, TPU. 1pcs/bag
W0091M - large size Esophageal/Rectal Probe for animal,Reference resources OEMW1870A -
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